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I'm Tibor, the owner of Meticulous Cleaners. I own Meticulous Cleaners with my partner and girlfriend, Josie. We currently the only cleaners of our venture.



We'd worked for several middle-sized and large cleaning companies for more than 8 years before starting ours. As employees we were never appreciated even though we always worked very hard to provide a great service rather than just working for money. There's no motivation and no real enthusiasm working just for a salary as far as we're concerned.


We noticed numerous issues with our jobs, though. There was never enough time given for a clean to be completed. So we always had to rush thing up, especially during weekends when a lot of people visited  the restaurant(s) we worked at. We did a bad job because we were sort of forced to by our employer(s). The idea of having 2 hours for one cleaner to clean a 150+ capacity restaurant including restrooms AND the staff bathrooms were ridiculously overused. The cleaning tools we used were satisfactory at best and many times they were either broke or just simply missing, although we and our colleagues reported every relevant issue in due course. Only the tool replacements or cleaning material replenishment came 3-4 weeks later. But certain orders never arrived. And using washing-up liquid that we got from the restaurant's kitchen (not even our employer's cleaning stuff) for mopping, for instance, was something we didn't like doing. But we had to do it, anyway. Many times. All this for minimum wage with a short time frame and no overtime pay in sight. Where's the inspiration in any of this...?

So one day, when I and my partner were talking about these and other problems and the possible solutions at home doing the house chores, we suddenly said: 

"We could run a business much better!"

And the next day we started from scratch by thinking of a business name, a logo, an interface, etc. This was the autumn of in 2016 and we set everything up by 1st June, 2017. We were very excited to get on an unknown road! It took us a lot of work to figure out the exact kind of unique service we basically wanted to provide. Of course, we'd never use our former employers' example of how to run a business or how to treat employees.

The first year was and remains the most challenging because we were still working for someone else and ran the business as well. Well, actually there was not much to run since we hardly got any cleaning work. Until last summer. It lasted only 8-10 weeks but it was very tough. I worked nights and cleaned in the daytime most times with no sleep at all which meant that if we cleaned 2 houses a day or had a very large home to clean, I couldn't go to sleep in the morning when we started cleaning at 10am and at night, either because I had to go back to work. Or maybe I slept 3 hours in the morning. My girlfriend had two part-time jobs and cleaned houses with me. It was very difficult for her, too. Getting up at 4:30am and get home around 6pm or 7pm.

But that's what we wanted. If you want to start your own business, expect at least twice as much time and effort to succeed than you initially imagined.

The question may arise: Are we successful? Partly, yes. There are big ups and downs. We really thought we'd be way more ahead than we actually are. Not because we are bad at what we do. But because success takes a very long period of challenges. Building a business and its systems is not easy at all. We want to build a business that won't remotely be like the companies we worked for in order to provide an amazing service and a great workplace for many good people.



Keeping expenditure as low as possible was key when we started off. It still is. For instance, when there was no cleaning work we "manufactured" and distributed leaflets ourselves (about 500 a week). I designed and printed them at home. Not having a bulk paper cutter to be able make a lot of them in a short time, we used a ruler and a box cutter to get four A6 sized leaflet from an A4 sized sheet so we had to measure and cut the sheets one by one. By the way, to save money (and we saved a lot) we made the leaflets with this "method" for over a year. And we reinvested almost all of our (little) earnings into the business.

Even after weeks we didn't get a single phone call even though we distributed around 2000 leaflets a month which was a lot for us then. And then nothing for another month. And maybe 1 or 2 cleans.  And then nothing again for months. It takes tremendous effort and extraordinary measures to achieve certain things in business.

We've been using public transport since we started. We didn't wait to have the money and then get a driving licence. We so badly wanted to make an example of how to do an amazing cleaning work that taking the bus or the tram didn't matter. Our goal was and is much bigger than that.. (I'm getting my driving licence so the issues of using public transport will be sorted, although we haven't had major problems with NCT or NET. Maybe we were just lucky.)


Still self-employed. That's life. For now. We never lose our sight off our our goals which is what we've done up until now. To provide the exact service you want. That's what we live for. How would this work otherwise?


We are challenging ourselves every day. Sometimes we don't know what to do or unsure about what the next step is in terms of growing our business. We often doubt ourselves. Please don't get us wrong. We're doing fine as regards us providing great cleaning services. But we never stop where we currently are, sit back and say: "That's it, we've made it!" No way. Life is an endless learning process. We can only improve and our targets in business as well as in life constantly change and move ahead. We always look for ways to do

business easier.

We are currently figuring out how to create business systems. We've got to do it. And we are going to. There's so much to do and sometimes we can't even get our heads around the challenges we'll face. At the same time, the whole thing is actually very exciting.

To delight customers and clients is the best part of what we do. Businesses doing a bad job usually go after the money. They're focusing on the wrong subject. They're working for money not your satisfaction.

The same goes for working with other businesses. We always look at the long-term connection rather than going for a 'one-off' work. Short-term profits always compromise long-term goals and relationships.

Is this whole thing going to kick our butt? Yes, it is. Will we have obstacles? We'll have many visits from Murphy but that's part of the "game". Will it work? It must. We don't have another choice. There's no going back. Only forward.

We apply eco-friendly cleaning products called Earth Friendly Products made by ECOS, an American company since 1967. These products are plant derived, 100% cruelty free and 100% vegan. For more information, please click on the links below:



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